What kind of underwear is more suitable for the summer with?

With the fine weather, we formally entered the summer, it is time to put away the spring, to the beautiful summer vacate the position, but this is not a small natural reminder, but still the same as you remember? Yes, that is, underwear , there is no check your privacy wardrobe? Now these underwear is not suitable with summer?

Summer year more than a year of heat, a lot of fabric is thin can not be thin, which is a test of women's skills with. Colorful Pope dot pattern, playful and cute, instantly led the body activists, hanging neck and shoulder strap double design, heart with the transformation of countless shapes.


Seamless underwear is the most common summer style, the sexy 1/2 cup ears without ear extensions, without having to worry about the embarrassment of exposure, dress, dress, tube how to wear how to wear, combined with the function of gathering care, let Chest full of rounded state.

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