Bare drill and finished drill

The Beijing Jewelry Show brings new diamond jewelry, which is displayed with new technology and incorporates more modern and popular elements. Now we will popularize loose diamonds and finished diamonds for everyone, so that everyone has a certain theoretical basis when se-----

Marsfield's ZHUCHONGYUN Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion …

Masfiore Fashion Co., Ltd., an international fashion brand with independent Chinese values, uses the designer Zhu Chongqi as its brand name. ZHUCHONGYUN is inspired by nature, humanities, art, and poetic life. It creates women's classic beauty across time and gives them a more subtle life expre-----

GIRDEAR Gedi women's 2014 autumn new vest brother b…

Long vest is a magical existence, it is both elegant and windbreaker, but also very casual and easy, both as a coat to keep warm, but also exposed arm was thin and cool, so many fashionistas as a tidal wave of autumn and winter goods. It takes a lot of courage to wear such a large area of ​-----

Talking about cowboy buttons

Now that cowboy buttons are widely used in our lives, what about the cowboy buttons? Details are as follows: Cowboy buttons, also known as cowboy buttons, button buttons, etc., are mainly used for buttons for jeans, casual wear, etc.; usually styles are plastic heart buttons, movab-----

Ou Difen underwear 2014 autumn and winter new pictures …

The fiery red occupies the fall and winter T stage. Women who are stylish and beautiful, hide away from the gentle, low-key, white, and gray, and when they are full of festivals with various festival parties, they boldly put on red and red skirts and red shoes. , Put on that dazzling red underwear -----

How to distinguish the quality of hot drilling

Currently, a glass product is very popular on the market. It can be made into pictures and is very suitable for DIY. This stuff is called hot drilling, because it can make clothes more fashionable, beautiful, and simple to operate, so it comes out with many of its Brothers and siste-----

How to repair the jade after it is damaged?

How to repair the jade after it is damaged? There are usually several ways to do this: 1. Divided into two: After some jade pieces are broken, the designer and the engraver always analyze the original shape according to the damage situation. After some ingenuity, and the-----