520 nobody confession? Then choose one of the most comfortable underwear pet yourself

520, nobody told you confession? That can not stop loving yourself. Underwear as a female's most intimate "girlfriends," bring you the most direct care, choose a comfortable fit underwear, every day has become a loving day.

Figure: Belle Ting underwear 2014 new

Technology, so that ordinary color underwear distributed unique highlights, enhance the sense of quality products, 3/4 cup play the strongest gathering effect, the small chest can wear a charming cleavage, shoulder strap design based on mechanics, from the ear Aberdeen began to stretch, reducing the sense of tightness when wearing.


Figure: Belle Ting underwear 2014 new

Exquisite lace, every woman can not resist the temptation it brings. Strengthened version of the gathered bra, high chicken heart elevating the chest line, the chest fat gathered to show the most beautiful curve, covered with crafted lace embroidery, luxury but not publicized.

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