Summer sneakers recommend mix and match stylish casual children

This site May 23 hearing, the recent female man is popular, the most typical representative of the female man is the sport of the wind sister, how to create a sports style without losing the sweet girl? Of course, a sports shoes with a whole body, see Street shots of European and American street sports shoes, European and American tidal people teach you to take.

Sports shoes and other items can also be mixed together to create a new style. This orange sports shoe is most suitable for the season of vitality, with a gray T shirt to wear black bag hip skirt, not only the color is More graceful figure, short coat with leopard print more trend look.


The intellectual style and sneakers can also be put up. The white low-necked long blouse is both pure and expressive. The bottom is equipped with a white vertical slouchy trousers. Slim is self-evident and beautiful, with a white flat-bottomed sports shoes mix fashion.


The most suitable style for sports shoes in addition to casual style, is the handsome street style, a black single product will be able to build a very handsome and neutral wind, black T-shirt looks you are cool, take a below The black feet pants that are love to wear now are more self-cultivating and more casual with sports shoes.


In our impression, on formal occasions, we are going to use the assembly. The dresses can also be paired. This is the trend. The grey dress is more suitable for girls to wear, and the style of the white sneakers is more. The coat adds little temperament.


The realm of collocation is constantly putting together a variety of styles. The celebrities can also digest the mix. The color of this style is fresh, the mix of fragrant purple and white skirts, and the pattern is also very unique, accompanied by a pair of thick-soled sneakers. More sense of fashion.

More and more girls who will wear them, to stand out from the crowd, bright colors will make you better, this big red definitely makes you become the focus of attention, which is more classic with the classic mix Lost, the red suit not only sucked more handsome. (Cooperative media: shoe-like pictures of Danbyu shoes)

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