Pure, fresh macarons underwear to lift your summer noise

The weather is getting hot day, will not feel all the colors are too noisy? Taking advantage of the "white storm" before coming, quickly let the pure, fresh macarons in advance for your summer mood Jiefu, shine in the bright. Favoltz brand underwear summer 2014 recommended new, sweet, beautiful colors always have your favorite one.

Lemon yellow, this soft but not the least low-key color, is rarely used in underwear, the designer of the beautiful woman made a try on the 2014 new product, with the shape of a brassiere debut, in order to reduce the degree of difficulty with the coefficient , But before you buy it, you'd better think of it first.

纯粹、清新马卡龙色内衣 解除你夏日里的聒噪

There is such a soft hazy green, at first glance people kind of impulse to taste it, and will give people a quiet atmosphere, restless mood calm down instantly. Classic cup design without excessive decoration, but taking into account the maximum aggregation effect, young and bright are not to be missed bright color Oh.

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