Friends lovers 2014 autumn orders will come to an end

Xiaobian today to share a good news for everyone in April, although the news is a bit long, but still very exciting, today is a special day, 520 May 20, Youyou couple 2014 Autumn Order will be at April 22 perfect ending, together to review the scene under the time it. Friends of the Friends of Garments Co., Ltd. in Dongguan in April autumn orders will allow franchisees once again challenge the fashion of clothing, the summer has just begun, autumn has come, know in advance the latest developments in lovers, no matter you now have Male and female friends, but definitely pay attention, maybe you have encountered a corner of it? Youyou lovers is to make you corner encounter love, lovers wear lovers can feel the friend that share of true love. Fall couple is also based on the most classic, most personalized style, girls and boys can dress different but the series is the same, so that each couple loaded with different effects.

1 High temperature resistance

2 High Resistance to Pulling, Fiber strength: 0.215 N/D, 5 times of steel

3 High Elastic Modulus: 4.9~9.8 N/D

4 Dimensional Stability

5 Outstanding flame retardant will not melt in high temperature of 220'C

6 Bulletproof property: acting as source of bulletproof vest, bulletproof 

supplies and other protective clothing

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