Summer sexy woman essential anti-defocused Cheats

Once again, enjoy the dress, publicity personality season. However, in fact, some women are very interested in wearing, but not how men are welcome. For example, the skirt stack long Leggings, jeans revealing underwear waist, shoulder on the side of more than 2 "shoulder strap", too big, too low collar, accidentally leaked the spring. Summer sexy, urban lady Weapon anti-defensive tips for you.

Figure: City Lady underwear

Want to show sexy, but do not always keep in the chest, to prevent the spring exposed, Bra-style underwear is definitely essential wardrobe summer style. Thin perspective lace or add some exquisite embroidery patterns, you can exudes endless charm.

性感夏日 女性必备防走光秘籍

Figure: City Lady underwear

Underwear exposed is a very embarrassing thing, whether strapless or exposed color, are "pointing." So no matter what color to wear the coat, the choice of light colors (such as white, nude, beige, khaki, etc.) underwear will always be safer.

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