T100 Children's Wear 2012 winter section of the British Academy style beautiful street

T100 brand concerned about 3-16-year-old fashion children and parents composed of elite families, not only to provide "British style, aristocratic Fan" children's fashion and parent-child fashion as the main body of the apparel products, but also convey the elite family lifestyle. T100 promotes quality management of "safety, greenness, environmental protection and health", studies green children's clothing technology, from fabric selection to garment design and manufacture, realizes the whole process of environmental protection and adopts high-quality environmental protection fabrics. All the garments are sterilized before they are put on the market. Children's healthy dress. Down jacket but win the win of winter magic, with a different single product can wear out of different styles. Check out college coat style, with red scarves and boots, not only children can wear, mom can wear oh.

Crystal Trophy

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