Sound bamboo rain mature woman elegant taste show full flavor

Sound and rain bamboo , embodies a clothing brand culture, is a kind of wear art. All use of high-quality materials in Japan and Europe, work fine, tailor fit, fully embodies the Oriental women elegant bright, noble and elegant flavor. Creative design in the clothing design with a single portfolio with series, free from the constraints of the package. With strong design and manufacturing capabilities, leading the concept of fashion design and materials, by 20 to 50 years of age focused on wearing, more taste-loving women in society.


Red woolen coat with a black fur collar and black velvet design more details of the quality of detail, with shiny leather knee boots, instantaneous distribution of elegance.

声雨竹成熟女装 高雅品位展现韵味十足

Pan flower perspective dress installed, winter coats take an excellent choice,

Used Mens Sport Shorts

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