twenty one. PLUS Italian brand women get rid of the shackles of the rules and regulations

twenty one. PLUS, the Italian brand of women , advocating women should always be fickle, highlighting the woman ten thousand kinds of customs, colors in the atmosphere of 21.PLUS get rid of the rules of the box, never bound, like a woman never boring, let a woman put it down, forever Real fashion.


This section of leopard coat called the influx of people essential, both elbow stitching modern stylish and capable women, waistline and body was feminine elegance! Simple buckle design practical and convenient, but also highlights a trace of the atmosphere, simple and elegant shape of the jacket to create a new visual enjoyment. Clever with a fur shawl make finishing colorful. Whether it is handsome high-profile debut, or elegant low-key debut, can make you present the most perfect side.

21.PLUS意大利品牌女装  摆脱了条条框框的束缚

This jacket uses a zipper + zipper design, heritage classic, joined the mosaic decoration, visually more rich sense of hierarchy, the overall feeling handsome and sweet. Emphasize the details of the style design, people shines. In the classic profile of the jacket a little change, but also can be called jacket coat, adding more than the usual coat stature effect. Break through the conventional splicing with elegant and casual, steady and casual feel intertwined, so that every detail has more Aspect.

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