Top Garnet: New Forces in the Jewelry Industry

When you stand in front of the window of the high-end jewellery brand Chaumet, you can admire the beautiful rings that are designed to be vivid and splendid, and the cocktails are beautiful. The big stones that are gorgeous and colorful are actually garnets, each ring. The price is in the hundreds of thousands of yuan! This shows that we can no longer underestimate the status of top garnet in the jewelry industry.

When you think that you are experts in jewellery knowledge about nectar, maybe garnet is the topic you most avoid, because it is so diverse that you have to pour a large glass of water with ice. Only can relieve the thirst caused by the paradox.

If you like to discover the individual jewelry store in the deep lane, you will find that the garnet-embedded jewelry is only a few thousand or even hundreds? ! At this time, there must be a big question mark in your mind. What kind of gemstone is the garnet? Why is the price range so large? Of course, talking about jewelry, brand name, beauty and gossip is the vocation of women. It seems that this time, the topics that Ladys are talking about have to be expanded.

Garnet, from the Latin Granatum, means “seeds”; there have been different names in the long years after the appearance of this gem, which has never been remembered by human civilization until the fruit of pomegranate No matter from which angle, it vividly depicts its warm oily luster, fresh and crystal-clear color, and its complex chemical composition, variety and personality, it is as rich and full as pomegranate seeds. It was finally named "Garnet".

Love stone

Another love stone

As we all know, garnet is one of the spiritual stones that represent love. In this season of love, who doesn't want to have a gem that can protect their feelings? When you face the ruby ​​that you can't reach, the perfect diamond that you can't hope of, and the red coral that must be bitten under the silver teeth. In fact, you don't have to be so entangled. A bunch of small garnets will help you solve all the intruders and build a solid firewall for your sweet love world.

This is not a nonsense, from ancient Greek mythology to the ancient Jewish empire, from Scandinavians to Muslim religious people, from Goethe, the greatest poet of Europe, to Queen Marie Antoinette of France. Enjoy the magical power of garnet. With the ancient people's personal attempts, more or less will add a lot to the garnet's defense work on the road of love.

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