Eight fashion rules teach you how to dress well

Whether it is a rookie entering the workplace, or walking for many years old fritters, men with suits often have a professional and charming temperament. Of course, suits well dressed to really distribute your mature charm. If you want your job show perfect and successful, read our dress advice for you to provide it, to know the good start but half of the success Oh. Rule one: fit the tailored shape is the first thing. Even the most sophisticated chic suit, only when fit can highlight your temperament. Rule two: If you untie the button collar collar, then also tie it away. Rule 3: When you tie with the tie, the width of the tie should be proportional to the width of your jacket lapel. Rule four: tie clip length should always be less than your tie width. Rule five: watch with the occasion should be determined. Electronic watch should never appear in the hands of wearing a Tasmanian suit. Rule six: When you pick glasses, according to your closet to do with the clothes. Classic glasses can be fitted with suits, while the package is equipped with a frame with sports equipment. Rule seven: the length of the jacket jacket sleeve can reveal exactly 1 cm shirt cuffs better. Rule eight: the necessary three sets of suits --- classic navy blue suit, the official Tasmanian suit, and the seasonal suit.

Fade-, shrink- and wrinkle-resistant
Drawstring waist for quick and secure fit
Button fly
Reinforced seat
Eight-pocket design
2 titled cargo pockets with hook and loop closure
2 shin-high cargo pockets with hook and loop closure
2 back pockets with button flaps
External opening for knee pads
Durable drawstring leg closures

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