What is the A, B and C goods in the jade industry? How to identify?

A goods: refers to the original primary color natural jade without any fake treatment. Among them, the high-grade products are green and green, the color is positive and not evil, the water head is good, no impurities, no splitting, long-term discoloration, good value preservation and collection value.

B goods: refers to the natural jade with poor quality soaked with concentrated acid and bleach, make it black to yellow, and filled with epoxy resin (also called "glue injection", there is no glue without glue" B goods After the special method is processed, the water head becomes better, the color becomes beautiful, and the real jade changes color and jade. In the case that the original jade green is light, the green color containing no chrome is added, and the latter is called "B+C goods". The rubber B goods retain a sheet-like or linear distribution of filling on the surface, while the non-plastic B goods can see micro-cracks under the microscope, especially developed, and have a "canal network" structure and a "crack" structure. And other features. The green of the B goods is not normal with the naked eye. The green color is often distributed in a fine mist. It appears uniform and has no darkness. Although the green is brighter, its green color is flashy and slightly blue. The "B goods" between Cui and the land is not coordinated. After going through the process of going to the black and going to the yellow, the land of "B goods" has been improved. The performance is that the water head is strong, the transparency is high, and the original green color is It was weakened during the process of going to the black to yellow, and thus it appeared to be weak. Because of the special treatment, the "B goods" sound is not nearly as crisp as the metal, but it is dull.

C goods: refers to the artificial coloring of colorless jade after heating, also known as "additional color jade", is a "true jade false color" category. Its color is unnatural, and often with blue or yellow components; the gloss is sluggish and the color is not uniform; with a magnifying glass (5-10 times), at the crack, the ribbon of chromium salt deposition, that is, the crack The green color is thicker and gradually fades toward the sides of the crack.

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