Kagoya third-generation children's clothing store upgrade debut Kunming

December 14, Kunming entered the cold wave of the season, but the day there was a clear weather and the sky of the sun, the warmth of the day as if specifically for the third generation of Kagoya House upgrade stores come. An original retail store selling baby products through the KHAKI Kaki house image upgrade and transformation, has become one of the few fashion children's clothing store in Xishan District, Kunming. Professional image of the terminal store can attract high-end customer base, fashion consumer groups will be more like fashion children's clothing sales store image. In the business district, effective, suitable store image, is able to attract major customers into one of the magic shop. Store image positioning accuracy, the customer can take the initiative to shop, to consume in the store. KHAKI Kaki House that the stylish image of the store upgrade, mainly according to the various aspects of the local business district to store location, so as to achieve the most suitable image standards and put into practice, so as to be an effective image upgrade.

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