Di Yi love: communication with the children of the resistance period

Each child in the process of growing up, there will be resistance period, this time if parents improper handling of children, families are extremely unfavorable. Today, DIZAI Dizi love children's experts to share with you five periods of communication with the children of the resistance of the five skills. Reasonably meet the legitimate needs of children in law, especially to learn, to explore the environment's desire to be fully satisfied. On the one hand, you should re-check the safety of the room to eliminate any potential hazards. Some things such as knives, medicines, etc., rather than shout "Do not move", let the children invisible; the other hand, you can create a variety of indoor and outdoor children fixed relatively small "functional corner." Such as the coffee table on the building blocks, spell plug toys composed of "clever hand corner"; some books, pictorials, tape recorders constitute the "reading corner"; pictorial, pen and paper constitute the "angle"; a set of different sizes and texture of the ball And a simple basketball has become a "sports corner" and so on. Transfer to pay attention to children unreasonable demands or dangerous activities, should try to avoid a positive conflict, may be appropriate to divert attention to the soft treatment. For example, turn on the TV and watch some interesting shows, talk to the dolls in a futile way, give him a favorite toy, or simply take the kids out of the environment. Of course, for some minor trifles, you can deliberately allow him to win one or two rounds to satisfy him.

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