What is popular this winter, mixed color fashion clothes wild

This winter's most popular spell color, compared with monotonous solid color clothes, splicing is a visual feast. A variety of spellings add a lot of clothing may be. Spell color shirt, spell color knit, spell color Down Jacket, fight color scarves and so on.


This fight color coats by the classic black and white gray tricolor composition. Black scarf wear is very skin. Round buckle embellishment for the overall more playful sense. Simple version, exquisite tailoring, ideal for white-collar women. With black pants, thick with shoes, but not bad but very temperament.

今年冬季流行什么 拼色衣服时尚百搭

This stitching skirt is also a combination of black and white ash color, clothes, fur collar decorated noble and gorgeous. Plus leather Belt embellishment, outlining a woman's charming waist lines. Inside with black and white primer shirt will be very aristocratic temperament.

The picture comes from: classic story ladies

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