Mashup style is what kind of children's clothing for Mashup dress? Mashup style collocation

What is the mix and match, mix and match is not all colors to wear together is a mix and match, but a mix of colors with, today to tell you about the mix and match style, how children mix and match clothing? Autumn and winter mix and match more fashion sense, so that children are also walking in the trend of the front. No matter how many colors you have, but there is a color must be on, for example, the color is very flower clothes, with pants, you can seize the flowers and clothes On a color match, so mix and match effect will come out. In the cabinet doll to teach you to mix and match colors, white stitching black, classic black and white, you do not need any color, embellishment, like black and white, orange shirt with pants, a white scarf, a pair of white sneakers, white also Corresponds to, so that is a mix and match, black shirt with a classic black and white stripes tights, pink socks embellishment, so that the overall black will not be too boring, these three models with, you learned?


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