How to stitching color look cute children's fashion mosaic style?

A fast-era era of consumption, how to keep up with the trend of clothing with it? Color blocks and stitching styles can give visual impact, cleverly cover up the inadequacies, look at how children's stitching style with good-looking, so that the color splicing gives you a different visual effects, so that children more stylish. Photo credit: Millet House Children's Wear 2013 Fall Winter Collection Now the most popular style is the splicing element. An unforgiving mediocre style, so that children more vibrant colors stitching, red, yellow and blue three colors stitching, although the three colors are bright colors, but not the limelight, very harmonious color stitching, winter dress becomes very energetic. Boys clothing stitching, boys dressed in dark winter will be particularly handsome? But this stitching is not a dark stitching, but a more dazzling color stitching, purple, is a rarely do the main colors, this purple stitching style, so that the overall more dazzling, dull winter becomes dazzling stand up. Baby dress up moms want to learn under oh.

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