Sexy buttocks wear out how to choose the appropriate panties to adjust the hip shape

In the eyes of our women, want to show every beauty, so that they become the most beautiful women, so underwear to play an important role, many women choose to adjust underwear to maintain their stature. Not only the chest to always care, can not ignore the buttocks maintenance! Below, Beth Fitzgerald 's designers told us how to choose the appropriate panties to adjust the buttocks.


(Source: Bessie Feige body underwear series)

High waist belt

This abdomen is not only for the abdomen. Hip adjustment function, but also to adjust the role of the waist. If combined with long and waist bustier bra, the effect is better.

Elastic waistband

This is a special tights used to narrow the waist, there is a regulation with adjustable elastic.


This is the breast. Waist and hip all wrapped up to adjust the overall body Siamese, and bra, elastic waistband and abdominal underwear in one of three kinds. Many varieties, there are on the body; although the hard-shaped adjustment, but also soft and natural soft shape: there is a role in the abdomen to enhance the adjustment of the pressure abdominal, but also easy to wear off the center of the zipper varieties before; Their favorite belly combination of combination lines and so on.

Trying on this personal jumpsuit, should pay attention to the following aspects: 1 whether the front center is too empty; 2 bra under the stability of the breast at the bottom; 3 waist at the office into the body; After the crotch is whether into the gluteal cleft, thighs are whether or not into the body; 5 straps elastic how; 6 hip is appropriate. Fat on both sides of the waist too much deposition, please be careful not to wear too little tight underwear barely hard pressure, hard Le, because this is not uncomfortable, and secondly fat with a suitable size of the high waist with long and Waist bustier bra combination of the effect of the more ideal.

Buttocks pad

The sponge or cotton wrap up made of mats, usually worn between the triangle underwear and belts, used to make up for buttocks, buttocks are not plump enough shape, in addition, healthy, nervous and optimistic state of mind is the formation of beautiful body Indispensable important condition, we usually say "temperament" donate this state of mind, that decadent, slack, lazy, pessimistic state of mind in any case can not make people have a beautiful external form . Adjust underwear wearing uncomfortable, this sense of binding and restraint, to a certain extent, make one's physical and mental tension, the person's "Qi" raised, it can be said is to adjust the underwear on the body Physical finishing at the same time with the psychological effect.

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