Youngor men's grand settled in Xuchang, Henan Datang Xinmaite headquarters

Younger grand brand classic men's settled in Xuchang, Henan Datang new Mart head office! To celebrate the grand opening of Youngor, the audience a 8.5 fold, two 7.5 fold. What are you waiting for, come buy it! ! Counter address on the fourth floor of the big store. Waiting for the majority of men's presence! Younger YOUNGOR is a classic men's brand in China, China Famous Brand, China Top Brand. In 2009, Youngor established Garment Holdings Limited and set up five brand offices, namely Mayor & Youngor, Youngor CEO, GY, HARTMARX and Hanma Family, to further establish distinctive personality while accelerating brand positioning, style and content New industries, new technologies and new product development. With the joint development of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Han Ma made a breakthrough in progress, not only to form a hemp cultivation, fiber processing, weaving, product design, creative design to the green garment manufacturing chain, also successfully opened the world's first Hami family life Hall. Youngor brand apparel firm for seven consecutive years in China's apparel industry sales and total profits Top 100 list, was rated as most consumers favorite brands. Have won the China National Garment Association Public Awards, Achievement Award, Marketing Award, is the first Zhejiang Province, one of the top ten brand innovation pioneer, China Institute of Brand rated as the industry logo brand.

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