Warm and warm winter warm sweater with collocation method

Ben Wang, November 28th, the weather in November changed from cool in late autumn to slightly cold in early winter. The knitted sweaters with a strong seasonal atmosphere are soft and comfortable in texture. Their light and warm features are particularly suitable for autumn and winter. Therefore, Xiao Bian specially selected three types of knitted sweaters, namely stripes, patches and printing, to change the different types of dress styles, and integrate a simple knitted top into daily life, which has become an indispensable element of winter wear. .

With a loving knit sweater, the design of the pattern lights up the overall shape, the thick knit, the warmth is outstanding, and the lines have a soothing V-neck style. Take a white shirt and take a military trousers trousers. The shape is simple and without losing the highlights.

A variety of color matching round neck sweaters, tight stitches, soft touch, moderate fit version, take denim shirt mix and match, take the next black jeans, leisure and college fashion interpretation is appropriate.

Concise striped sweater, pure white striped pattern, clean and clean. With a moderate thickness, stacked with a denim shirt and draped in white jeans, the casual comfort is sketched.

Sleeve and hem color sweaters, simple tone stitching, express a good feeling of leisurely, take dark jeans and sports shoes, to create a simple and casual image of warm men.

Knit shirt with a small cross pattern, "+" cross pattern, clear color, slightly thick knit, warmth is very good. Wear a denim shirt and white jeans to create a cool, cool look. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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