Young men's brand GXG Mingdao excellent technology dialogue Chinese clothing brand internationalization

"Mingdao excellent technology dialogue Chinese clothing brand internationalization" summit held in Beijing recently, Zhejiang Zhe Zheng Holdings chairman Yang and Rong at the meeting said that although the GXG from 2007 formally started operations in China, but this year's terminal sales Reached 32 million, the return of 16 billion, from a business to now only 4 years in terms of the brand, I feel more satisfied. Yang and Rong introduced to reporters, GXG product positioning is a young man, mainly college students and white-collar workers who just graduated from college and work in the workplace, aged about 18 years old to 35 years old. As GXG was founded for just 4 years, but so welcomed by consumers, Yang and Rong said that the Chinese apparel market is a very large market. According to him, China's apparel market currently has a retail sales of nearly 2.5 trillion yuan 2.5 billion, GXG According to the analysis of the market, 18-35 age group of these people, their sense of fashion is very strong. And there is no good brand above the market to suit their multi-angle choice. Like Jack Jones, CK, Carbón, Mark Fairwhale, though all are choosing this age group of consumers, but these brands which I did not feel the real excitement of this group of young people out of them, so GXG men cut into this Segmentation of the market. "Our design style is Baroque style, we use the combination of black, white, gray, black and white ash will be very cool, combined with the unique reminder of this age, our clothing is very strict on the people wearing the dress, if too fat May not wear, need a very good figure, coupled with our design sense, you wear our clothes later, I feel your people are very spirited, very sunshine, and very stylish.We touched through these few points of our Consumers, has been recognized by everyone, of course, this also thank God gave us a very good luck bar. " "The timing of entering the market is very important." Yang He Rong explained to reporters: "Putting the market into the market is early and may become a martyr. If you are late, you may have already done so. You can only become a follower and can not become a fashion brand Leader, and we happen to be in the group when they just need to introduce the products they need, so we succeeded. " It is reported that GXG has opened 1,000 stores in China in only four years. To this, Yang Herong said that the pace of development of the brand should be combined with the overall economic situation of China or the world because the desire of human consumption is affected by the environment The current economic situation has already affected the development of the GXG. Therefore, the GXG2012 will be able to achieve the lowest level of development and the development speed of our positioning will be between 40% and 50%. It is reported that in 2010, GXG's sales were only 1 billion yuan, but this year has soared to 3.2 billion yuan, while the overall trend of the Chinese apparel industry this year showed a downward trend, on the second, Yang and Rong explained to reporters, with the brand where Stage is very relevant, GXG is still in the growing stage, so this year there is still 150% growth. GXG stores in the country now, the market's capacity is still far from being developed. And now GXG has done two series, one can wear when you go to work, you can wear at leisure, and the other is the brand completely wearing when off duty. "By subdividing the brand in this way, my market coverage has been increased. This will ensure that my long-term growth in capacity will ensure my growth rate." Currently, GXG only focuses on menswear brands. Yang Herong said that GXG may consider making children's clothes in the future. "Because people who buy children's clothes are all parents, I am afraid that young people after 80s will marry and have children. They will need to purchase clothes for their little ones, However, their babies choose clothes after 80, so we will create a style of children's clothing that people like after 80. "Yang and Rong also said they plan to introduce women's wear next fall. "Of course, we cultivate a brand can not launch a very hot at once, we do not hope that this miracle come to me, do women's wear, children's wear we will do 2-3 years of research and development with the reserve period." In addition, Yang and Rong also revealed to reporters, GXG brand focus on East Asia. The company plans in the next 3-5 years in Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and other places shop. "Hong Kong and South Korea, I am afraid I can see our shop in the first half of next year." However, he stressed that GXG will not consider Europe and the Americas in a short period of time. It is reported that GXG August 2010 has launched an e-commerce platform, Taobao in the recent "Double Eleven" event, from last year's "million sister" magnificent upgrade this year's "40 million sister", picking Taobao Mall " Double XI "promotion of the whole network laurel, so it is also known as" Taobao a sister "GXG electricity supplier head Li Shujun is how to do? GXG general manager Li Shujun summed up the following points: Leader in supporting brand influence Li Shujun, an accurate and high-caliber team in the market, said many brands have built their own e-commerce team, but this does not mean that the leader of the group or head office strongly supports the e-commerce sector. On the contrary, many traditional e-commerce departments The whole group is the most trapped gas. Are selling inventory, want to go low and have been criticized affect the brand image, go up and can not sell. What is more, sell too good offline channels there are opinions. The GXG Li Shujun team gave full trust, GXG optimistic about the e-commerce from the heart, making the e-commerce team to be free to go their own play. The brand's influence is a guarantee of GXG's online performance. In clothing e-commerce, the top men's brands tend to come from traditional enterprises, GXG offline achievement of 1.5 billion a year, online 120 million, the two channels formed a good interaction and mutual promotion, many people in Taobao Mall know GXG, go online to buy GXG clothes. GXG from the beginning of the birth, to make accurate judgments on the market, the color to the men's classic black and white gray tricolor, and fathom fashion rules, bear the brunt of taking the British line. These make GXG soon have a stable customer base, and these stylish people are exactly the supporters of online shopping, very enjoy online GXG fun. This is the market card bit accurate. In Li Shujun's opinion, a good team is not a bison-type capable of all but lacking solidarity. It is not a crab-like type of trailing one another. Rather, it should be as solid as a wolf pack with the same leadership and organization as a wild goose pack. Li Shujun established a good team, but also created a good team of genes. GXG has a very standard activity template, so that new employees can quickly grasp the business process in a short period of time and become qualified operators. One day the outbreak of the day broke out, behind a long time strategizing. GXG for this "double eleven", made full preparations. At the beginning of preparation, Li Shujun proposed four important points to note: traffic, conversion, shipping and customer service. Drainage, the entire team on this year's goals overripe, team training to even customer service will be converted traffic conversion rate, in order to improve the customer price, GXG this year in the design of promotional activities cost a lot of thought. First of all, on the basis of 50% off in the audience set full minus again at the same time set the time period prizes. The prize setting is also stressful, Li Shujun did not like many other brands, such as the iPad set an award-winning prizes, but the popularity is not wide, on the contrary, she thinks the prize lies in customer needs. So GXG provides a 3888 yuan per hour leather, just this year's popular hot money, GXG customers naturally have a strong attraction. In the logistics, GXG this year in Ningbo local warehouse, opened 12 lines, most of the delivery and SF cooperation, 5% can not reach the area with EMS and STO, but also deployed a team to do support. A well-prepared, immediately reflected in the results, so that Li Shujun and her team unexpectedly, customers should be in the sleep period (before 7:00 am), GXG sales began to peak. 8 to 9, has done 2.06 million. Lee Shu-jun had been the goal of the garment industry first, and at ten o'clock in the evening have done a comprehensive first. "Double 11" ended, GXG to 41.95 million sales ranked Taobao Mall, the whole category that the whole network first. Never give up But even with such good preparations, this time there was an unexpected situation in Double XI. This makes Li Shujun somewhat wronged: this year there are actually 100 customers expressed dissatisfaction with the GXG logistics. At that time, due to oversold system problems, there are some non-attribute orders can not follow up, there were more than 1,000 single question, customer service to save, but still 100 customers expressed dissatisfaction. In fact, it is not easy to compress unsatisfied feedback to 10% on the questionnaire, but the goal of GXG is to satisfy customers even if they are dissatisfied with it, rather than paying no heed to GXG. So in the event of an accident, Li Shujun's team made the fastest response and immediately remedied it, leaving non-attribute clients to return one-third the night before returning one-half. When accidents occur, not all of them are destroyed, but can be further improved. In the eyes of Li Shujun, no matter how pessimistic the internet is full of now, no matter the winter of the Internet is approaching or not, as the brand retails, she feels that the Internet is a spring, a new channel and a new market. Focus on the whole network, focus Taobao. GXG's miracle is still in progress. In Yang and Rong view, e-commerce, shopping malls, specialty stores are three equal platforms. How to cope with rising raw material and labor cost pressures this year? Yang and Rong said that there is indeed a 15% -20% increase in procurement costs each year, but the money the young consumers can spend is limited. "How can we balance this contradiction? I think so, I can not be low quality, rather, I sacrifice the company's profits, to protect the interests of my client base, and only they feel it is cost-effective to buy my products , Is accounted for cheap, my brand can go a long way to be their favorite. " For this year, a number of well-known international apparel brands into quality turmoil, Yang and Rong said that a brand's victory is the victory of the entire chain, as GXG to ensure good quality, then we should treat suppliers, suppliers can not squeeze the profits to They can not maintain their normal production and can not maintain the quality assurance. Therefore, it is very fair for us to pay the agents, including the prices they give. As an agent, because the production of this brand made money, then they will like this brand, the brand as its own brand in production, so that quality can be guaranteed. For the future listing plan, Yang and Rong said that in the fierce market competition, the listing is a brand to go a long way. Listing can allow businesses to get billions of dollars through the capital market, the money can be used for the construction of the industrial chain for the construction of channels, and the brand competition happens to be the whole industry chain competition, the whole industry chain competition, Factories, stores, logistics and distribution, logistics base, I am afraid all need capital investment. "Listing is a path we want to consider in our next corporate strategy."

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