How to distinguish between true and false opal

Do you know how to distinguish between true and false opals? Today, Xiaobian is going to talk about this topic for everyone. How much knowledge do you know about the true and false opal? How do you judge the true and false when choosing the opal? Let's learn the next one.

How to distinguish between true and false opal

Opal is one of the important variants of the gold emerald mineral family. The hardness is 8.5 degrees, second only to diamonds and red and sapphire. Its color is mostly yellow, yellow brown, yellow green, green white, coffee and other colors. It is obviously golden with color, and its Chinese name is also obtained. A good opal, the bright line of the cat's eye is located in the center of the gemstone face, narrow and clear, and the light is visible. Opal is very precious due to its special light effect, and high-quality opal above 10 carats can be worth millions of dollars.

The method for identifying the true and false of the opal is as follows:

1. The main recognition feature of opal is the clear brown-eyed cat's eye. The filamentous inclusions of the opal are rutile, and some are empty tubes. Because these tubular bodies are slender and dense, the cat's eye effect is particularly noticeable, and is also very clear under weaker sources. This is unmatched by other gems.

2. Use a single light source to illuminate the side of the opal, the color of the sides of the opal is different. When the yellow opal is photographed from the left side, the left side is honey yellow, and the side is milky white. When it is illuminated from the right side, the color is just the opposite.

3. Artificial opal is made of fiberglass, red, blue and brown, and the brown-yellow variety is somewhat like natural opal. The difference between the two is that the artificial opal has 2-3 bright bands at the top of the curved shape, and only one natural opal; the sides of the artificial opal are observed with a magnifying glass, and the hexagonal honeycomb structure can be seen; Stone has a lower hardness than natural opal.

Discrimination of true and false opal can be judged from its surface features, and can also be distinguished by means of light sources. These are good methods of resolution. If you are interested, you can try it for yourself.

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