Retro series of children's clothing to create 2013 autumn magic air

Kagaya children's clothing 2013 autumn and winter new magic wind hit! Stitch, passing slightest care, inextricably, weaving magic fairy tale. Open the door to the bizarre forest, quiet princess incarnation as a brave little soldier, dominated this magical world full of monsters. Dive into the magical forest, they are a group of children with aristocratic temperament, accompanied by a sweet friendship, not hypocritical, but must have their own "Fan", pay attention to the delicate and sweet single product, pay more attention to the overall effect with gorgeous, Can be elegant, the perfect retro style show fashion colors. In recent years, retro has shown a diversity of academic school is one of them. Brown blouse, pants and shoes, the color began to distribute the retro taste, and with a great sense of the whole. Coupled with knitted cardigan retro style of the wind ethnic patterns, elegant chic, classic undefeated. Sweet lace, classic stripes, netted gauze and a unique high waist design, Kaki house a good combination of these elements together and designed into a beautiful and retro dress, rust red color is more Let this retro taste more rich! Retro has long been the trend of these seasons has been one of the continuation of the trend, Kakaya innovation, a new fashion children's clothing, children do not miss out!

4U Chassis is also called a 4u rack-mounted classis. The rack-mountable suits 19-inch rack, U is a unit that represents the height of the outside of the chassis, 4u is the height of the Server Chassis 4 times of 44.44MM. Its main role is to place and fix the motherboard, power supply, fan and other accessories to play a supporting and protective role.

4U Chassis

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