Exquisite, delicate embellishment so that the overall shape sparkling

Whether the jacket or the bottom of a single product, the decorations on the dress is not much, but rather refined, lace, beaded, crystal diamond and other exquisite and delicate embellishment, the moment can make the overall shape shine.

欧点 - OU.

Down jacket in this season is full of young vitality and confidence, through the classic black and white color interpretation, with pretty cute lace skirt, color tight pants, 尽显 their youthful vitality. Feather in the design to join the lotus leaf, beaded round neck and other elements, adding a sense of fashion, but also did not express a delicate romantic princess feelings.

精致、细腻的点缀  让整体造型熠熠生辉

Baroque is a passionate art, full of romanticism is the baroque soul. The new season of the Odeon Baroque elements on this topic style shine, littered with Crystal and Diamond technology and highly decorative design details mean the same addictive. Luxury and retro design and modern fabrics, accompanied by collar collar gems, to show the unique elegance of charm.

Little White Dresses

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