Floor covering should not ignore the mat

Floor covering should not ignore the mat

Mr. Li has a house in the city's homeland. He rented a floor to the Koreans last year. As a result, the tenant said that the floor heating did not work in winter. After finding the floor dealer, he opened the floor and removed the moisture-proof pad below. Just come up. "Without the moisture-proof pad, I am afraid that the floor is moldy, and the heat conduction effect is not good. It is really contradictory." Mr. Li said.

As the temperature dropped, the floor heating floor market was bustling again. Industry insiders told reporters that the poor thermal conductivity of floor heating floor may also be caused by moisture-proof mats. At present, there are moisture-proof mats made of EVA and EPE on the market. Because it is a foaming product, the moisture-proof performance is good, but the heat-conducting effect is not very ideal, sometimes The floor heating temperature was adjusted to 30 ° C, but the actual temperature did not reach 20 ° C. “Many people will consider the thermal conductivity of the floor, but ignore the thermal conductivity of the mat between the floor and the floor heating.”

“Nanjing has a subsidiary material supplier that has developed a moisture-proof pad that can prevent moisture and heat conduction and has a good non-woven film + PE film, and is applying for a national patent.” The person in charge of the Nanjing floor brand told the reporter that this It is a product that they really need, and I hope to be able to do it in the morning.

The person in charge said that the improper use of floor heating is prone to condensed water, which will accumulate under the floor. It may not be a problem at first, but it is easy to mold when the floor is long. Moreover, if the water is large, it is easy to cause deformation of the floor. It is recommended that when paving the moisture-proof film, the joints should be overlapped by 20cm and sealed with tape. The wall should be back up to 50mm or more, which can effectively control the moisture on the floor and the wall to cause damage to the edge of the floor. If the moisture barrier is not sealed and the edges are not returned, the moisture will enter the floor, which will increase the moisture content of the floor and easily lead to mildew on the edge of the floor.

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