Magic Body 2012 autumn and winter seminar and 2013 spring and summer new conference ended successfully


Fashion is an unpredictable place. In the spring and summer of 2013, another exciting and prosperous season is coming. When people try to find the winter clothes, the riots in spring and summer have already begun. 2013, we are going to meet is how to look forward to? The new season, the fashion front and how it will be popular? Spring 2013 new product launch conference site, this conference, dealers from across the country, agents gathered A common taste of the latest popular magic body , let us feel the most cutting-edge popular information bar! Variety of style and popular elements of the perfect combination of interpretation of the incomparable wonderful!


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The new conference to "spring Mei, Xia Xiuxiu" theme, magic body 2012 spring and summer women's clothing , in the traditional classic style into the modern kaleidoscope of brilliant colors, the interpretation of the colorful season, and some charming Mr. Zhang Jun, chairman of the Magic body made an analysis on the development trend of the domestic women's market, and led to the development of the marketing strategy of the magic body brand, demonstrating the rise of the brand ready for the presence of all guests. The Magic body relies on the " Devil body, "the precise positioning of the fashion apparel unique insights and create" China's first brand of knitwear pants, "the corporate mission will be in the pants industry another way to knit panties fashion pioneer identity alone in the industry collar Coquettish, set off a frenzy of fashion, to achieve a transformation of cocoon into a butterfly.


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There is no doubt that the biggest highlight of this season's new product release is the spring and summer fashion show, high-end 3D holographic projection stage cool, gorgeous visual impact, brought the "beautiful young girl and elegant mature woman," two series Hundreds of new products, in the pants design, into a variety of modern elements, re-create a very feminine urban upstart styling, or occupation, or elegant, or swagger, or sexy, or capable, or personality ... ... in the clothes Design, the design of bold, innovative, unique, instantly enhance the index of women, reflecting the graceful figure also revealed the romantic fragrance of women, relaxed and natural fashion, showing the personality of themselves, while creating the golden legs are also full of exotic Style, in a different style to awaken the role of women in life, so that women have the time to play the role of their favorite life fashion clothes, so that women are more personality, romance, happiness, more a silent way Express your inner desire. The audience was immersed in a romantic atmosphere. Fashion and elegance, personality and leisure, simplicity and dignity collide with each other, wipe out unlimited fashion sparks. Magic body clothing to the audience passed the "devil body, magic body made of" the essence of clothing culture, the scene guests a comprehensive experience of the charm of fashion big.


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Fashion is the essence of innovation, continue to break and subvert the tradition of the old days, with delicate gentle texture bring surprising structural design.逡 patrol in a fast-changing fashion arena, looking forward to time and time precipitation, we are more toward the boundless flying. Spring and summer 2013 product launches successfully concluded, but our spring and summer 2013 clothing just kicked off, filled with passion, overflowing passion, the magic industry has entered a new phase of rapid development, will usher in the second spring, We are looking forward to 2012, full of expectation for the magic body of 2013!

We do Men's Clothes style is fit for the spring, summer, autumn and winter, that can be divide into shirt, blouse, jacket, down clothes, denim and pants. Almost basic style use print and dye for fabric, usually fashion style needs embroidery and special print in the main parts of clothes or fabric, and men's garment is simpler artwork than women, meanwhile it must be higher quality for good looking. Nomally spring and summer style in thin and breathable material which like cotton, polyester, T/C, linen etc, and autumn and winter style in thick and warn material which like cotton, polyester etc, but fabirc needs thick.

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