City in the "painting" fashion urban women's clothing 2012 autumn and winter new products

一城画一 - C&P

"Every city is a painting, every woman is a beautiful landscape in the city painting, every piece of clothing can write a touching story!" This poetic jump words, is " one city Draw a beautiful philosophy that the brand always adheres to. Follow this line of thinking, the brand to their own personalized positioning, the successful knock knock on the door of urban fashion ladies ... ...

城市里的"画"时尚  城画女装2012秋冬新品

Positioning: the city's "painting" fashion

"Every city is a picture, either magnificent or beautiful, or gentle like a bridge, or sentimental as a lady ... The pictures form the most beautiful part of the city The scenery, so indulge in the women who enjoy showing their share of wonderful. "This is the" one city painting a "brand design ideal.

To clothing art as a media, "one city painting a" brand will be the art of life at your fingertips. Pamper each woman to pursue unique, enjoy the fashion, the beautiful right, so that they can demonstrate their self-confidence, elegance and taste in any occasion.

城市里的"画"时尚  城画女装2012秋冬新品

Every painting of "One city, one painting" is like an aesthetic work of art, and her fashion wings gradually come to the fore, giving the woman a unique taste and charm unwittingly. "One city draws one" entrusts urban women's perception of fashion, taste of life, romantic conjecture, and elegant interpretation of ...

Unveiling the most beautiful picture in the city, there must be "one city painting one" to give you a place to build every fashion style. "City painting a" like a beautiful fashion magician, with her magnificent beauty of the brush, a brilliant interpretation of every wonderful story in the city, the perfect interpretation of each woman's intellectual, elegant.

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