Dyer Fashion Poetry Women's new autumn and winter let you release the charming temperament

Dongguan Sheng Tong Garments Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, has now become the Pearl River Delta garment industry's most potential for the development of professional women's manufacturing enterprises. Sheng Tong costumes with extraordinary creativity, professional technical guidance, the top production line for the production and marketing of high-end system of integrated clothing business and improve the customer management body, renowned inside and outside the industry. Sheng Tong apparel long-term cooperation in Europe and the United States well-known brands, carefully crafted a few years, in the field of casual wear fashion has laid the best partner status. Sheng Tong apparel business "Feiya Beibei", "Dai Seoul Poems " and other European, Japanese and Korean fashion style clothing brand .


"Dai Er Shi Poems" a bit crazy but always elegant, wanton fantasy and understated subtle, is to enjoy the driving force of life, is all kinds of customs. "Dairy Associants Poetry" integrates optimistic, confident and independent contemporary spirit of modern women, and deduces a brand new life concept of 21st-century fashion women.

代尔缔诗时尚女装 秋冬新品让您释放迷人气质

Her sexy, feminine charm naturally reveals, irresistible; her self-confidence, understanding of themselves, do not care about other people's eyes, she uses the fashionable charm of the expression of passing the modern generation of women's inner passion; she elegant, exudes mysterious elegance, romantic tenderness of the woman Taste, dreams lead the trend. Dyer's Poems make dreams within reach. There are basic models and accessories for the whole mix of casual, creating a variety of styles, embellishment for you every different day.

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