LEAGEL case brand women's clothing - to create fashion, the pursuit of classics

Cases of Garments Co., Ltd. is a design, production and sales of modern enterprises, 25-35-year-old urban women as the target customers to Europe and South Korea mature combination of skills and fashion boutique and oriental culture as the main idea, dissolved into Europe and South Korea's cultural heritage, boldly absorb the world's fashion trends and fashion elements, adding the design concept of the East to create a new generation of urban women's unique, stylish, individuality, implication in the excitement of the design style, evolving, filling urban women's personality, Fashion, noble, relaxed fashion, and gradually form a unique cultural atmosphere.


Brand Concept

Promote personality, create fashion, the pursuit of classics, unique taste style Positioning youth fashion, romantic passion, to create a thought, personality, the pursuit of fashion classic urban women Age 25-35-year-old urban new women

Operating principle

Sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and common development and achieve "win-win", to help customers develop, management joined the shop, on the way to maximize the support to join the self-employed business customers, agents, joining Monopoly.


Ladies Wear

Ladies Linen Skirts,Ladies Cotton Shirt,Ladies Cotton Skirts,Ladies Printed Viscose Dress

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