E-commerce enterprise marketing promotion common method 13 strokes

[China Glass Network] 1. Early SEO Optimization

In the early stage of website construction, it is necessary to make some sorting out of the seo of the whole website. The technicians are familiar with the operation of the technology. Then, all we have to do is to make some understanding and guess about the search habits of netizens. For the website of the electrical appliance, I suggest to refer to the bubble network, Zhongguancun Online, they set the page title on the product list page. Such as juicer: "juice machine - quote price brand model ranking recommended", and in the product details page is: midea beauty je701ab juicer - quote price picture parameter performance", for these keywords, in the introduction of the product There are duplicates that don't make search engines feel like they are deliberately pleased.

2. Increase the pr value

The pr value is very important for an e-commerce website, and the pr value indicates the weight of the search engine on the website. At the same time, the pr value also indirectly brings traffic to the website. The practice of pr value is to find a website with a high pr value to make a friendship link. The more straightforward approach is also to use the method of purchasing links to increase the pr value during a Google update. Then use the increased pr value to exchange links with websites that are equal to yourself or higher than yourself. Later, the website that previously purchased the link is slowly removed.

3. Question and answer community

The use of the question-and-answer community is mainly to use the long tail keyword effect to bring traffic. The better platform for the current question-and-answer community is: Baidu knows, Tianya Q&A, Sina love asks. Ask soso. Two of them Baidu know and Tianya question and answer can directly bring traffic. For the question of Sina love and soso, it is more suitable for the promotion of brand awareness. Baidu knows that you should pay attention to the skills when you do it, and you must understand their rules. For questions and answers to Tianya, these questions and answers are more relaxed.

4. Paid search engine (sem)

For the paid search engine (Viewable Encyclopedia: SEM) this piece is unavoidable by any e-commerce company. Because there are so many people using search engines to find information. Even Jingdong and Excellence, which have done a good job at present, are still using paid search engines, and the investment is not small. The investment in this piece can only be to minimize the cost of bringing each order. In the use of this piece of technology is to maximize the use of pan-keywords and long-tail keywords. Try to compete for popular keywords.

5.cps alliance

The cps alliance (Easy View Encyclopedia: CPS Alliance) includes third-party cps alliances and self-built cps alliances. The third-party cps alliance can quickly build a relatively large advertising promotion alliance. But these affiliates don't take the initiative to deliver your instant ads or promotions. Then the effect will be affected in terms of promotion and promotion. The use of self-built cps alliance can control and quickly react to the promotion activities, which is very helpful for the entire website. At the same time, because it is a self-built cps alliance, it is easier to communicate when dealing with these members. They also take the initiative to go to the mall to grab some promotional information, so that these promotional activities are more effective.

6. Compare shopping website\Shopping guide\Discount website

The difference between the three is that the comparison shopping website is cashed back to the members, and the shopping guide website is more about the release of some business information and the expression of the members after shopping. Discount websites are publishing business promotions and coupons. What they have in common is that they all concentrate on a group of shopping needs, and they are more recognized for the consumption model of online shopping. By cooperating with the comparison shopping website, it is helpful to benefit some members and to play the website's popularity and increase sales. And then use some of the more mature customers to publish their shopping experience to some shopping guide websites, which has the effect of word-of-mouth communication. At the same time, you can also engage in promotional activities with these comparison shopping websites, shopping guides and discount websites. And to attract more customers to the website to make purchases by issuing coupons.

7. News and soft paper promotion

The principle of news delivery is to make the promotion activities and images have a sensational effect, so insist on grasping the focus of events and promotions when writing news. At the same time, we must also take the differentiation of our own website to let netizens understand the difference between your brand and service and your peers. Let netizens accept you in your heart.

For the release of news, we must adhere to the long-term principle, because the promotion of news is a long-term, the effect is cached, so the one-time two-time delivery will not have a good effect. For the promotion of soft texts, it is mainly through the soft papers of some forums. Mainly involved in product promotion, sharing of promotional experience, event hype and so on. For each type of soft text, choose a different publishing platform, because a good soft text also needs to conform to the platform to be able to publish well. Will be better spread. If possible, you can use some of the better platforms to do some publicity topics, and the effect can be magnified several times.

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