Andrew & Angel fashion brand men in September opened a number of new stores

Andrew & Angel fashion brand men swept the country in September, a number of new stores grand opening! Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Guangyuan set off more than the opening boom! Andrew & Angel will use elegant Italian style of freedom wind, silhouette Ling contour lines and lines crafted elegant sexy, with pure color and high saturation and perfect material contrast to create impeccable artistic temperament. Welcome to consumers throughout the store patronage! Andrew & Angel brand from a fairy tale of love. Two young Chinese dreaming meet in Florence, the ancient Renaissance city. Magnificent Basilica of Our Lady witnessed their love at first sight. In this open-air museum-like city, the shining architecture and paintings of the Renaissance shook Andrew and Angel. Italians seemingly free but delicate and delicate dress floating in the air with the perfect blend of artistic atmosphere. After returning home, Andrew and Angel founded the first Italian freestyle men's brand - Andrew & Angel. Mr. Andrew, the art director of the non-kindergarten class, is particularly good at the use of positive color, pure color and high saturation and perfect material contrast to create a rich artistic temperament. And Angel respected Italian cutting-edge modern sense of sculpture, a unique line of construction angle will be romantic classic and modern minimalist combination, creating elegant sexy. As a creative designer brand, Andrew & Angel is the soul of "liberalism", and the use of passionate red as the image, will Andrew & Angel's unique charm of happiness and interpretation of the most vividly. Brand LOGO comes not only from the ingenious combination of the two names, A2 also includes the combination of Attitude and Action that Andrew & Angel men on behalf of the discovery of self, brave pursuit of the spirit of the dream, insist to do what you want, DO WHAT YOU WANT! Target consumer groups: 23-32 years old, in the career of the new men. Believe in "popular perishable, long-term style." Adhere to their own dressing concept, good at matching, and emphasizes the perfect blend of dress and their own qualities, the quality of apparel and brand services attach great importance. They are confident, independent and take a variety of perspectives to understand and understand the world and uphold their own values ​​and philosophy of life. They are positive, optimistic, in countless faces of life, always find a better side, keep up the mentality. They are curious, passionate, never-ending exploration spirit to discover more possibilities and create more miracles. Perseverance, perseverance, no matter how hard the road ahead, bravely ahead, cloned. They not only crossed the longitude of occupation, but also beyond the latitude of age.

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