Warmly celebrate the city of Henan Province Mummy Star children's clothing store grand opening!

Gongs and drums, fireworks bursts, festive moment, hand in hand celebrate. Warmly celebrate the upcoming opening of Mummy Star's Children's Wear Store in Yongcheng, Henan Province! Warmly celebrate the success of Mommy Star's children's wear in Yongcheng, Henan Province, and welcome consumers to purchase. Design of Mummy Star Store in Henan Yongcheng Mommy Star Children's clothing, with green, environmental protection and health as the central idea, with 3-15 year-old children's clothing as the core children's clothing, customer-oriented, keep making progress, the pursuit of excellence , Casting brilliant! Mummy Star Kids, full of sunshine and lively atmosphere, beautiful store design, take you into a different world of children's clothing. Feel the current fashion trends, feel Mummy's Star fashion rhythm, and joy for companionship, and fashion dances.

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