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Waka recently proposed the "fast fashion underwear brand" concept jumped into the editor's perspective. Although fast fashion is no longer a fresh concept in the fashion industry, it was the first time that it was introduced to the underwear industry. The editors could not help but be encouraged: finally, they found a case of taking a differentiated route.


China's underwear market share in the end how much? In recent years, numerous industry experts and authorities have demonstrated their attractive prospects with a wealth of facts and data.

Ever since, underwear Warring States era unexpected, in the textile and apparel trade show, in China International Fashion Week and all the industry activities get together day, you can always encounter a large underwear. It seems that the hidden opportunities in every corner of the underwear market have been fully tapped by savvy merchants, often participating in various well-designed brands of various activities, can not help but imagine: in the end there any tricks can be refurbished?


In fact, fast fashion, wow Ka desalination clothing brand concept, with UNIQLO or similar, will not invite celebrity endorsements.

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