24 questions that must be known for selling diamonds


1. What is the 4C of diamonds?

The 4C standard for diamonds is: carat, clarity, colour, and cut.

2. Which is the 4C of diamonds?

The value of diamonds is determined by 4C, so 4C is very important. From the perspective of cost performance, we need to focus on the selection of diamonds. In the case of certain size, we first recommend the consideration of C, the degree of cut. Directly affect the fire of diamonds, all we often say that cutting is the second life of diamonds, secondly consider the color of this C, the color from DZ, the closer to D color, the more transparent the diamond, it is recommended to consider the clarity of this C, to VS Grades and above are good because clarity only has a minor effect on the diamond.

3. What is the weight unit of the diamond?

The diamond is measured in "carat". The "carat" is the English "carat", referred to as "ct". One carat is equal to 100 points, 5 carats is equal to one gram, and one carat is equal to 0.2 grams.

4. What is the difference between VS1 and VS2?

VS1VS2 full name VERYSLIGHTLYINCLUDED, note that under the ten-fold magnifying glass, it is more difficult to see the inclusion or external flaw. This is for the skilled appraisers. For non-professional appraisers, VS1VS2 is innocent under the magnifying glass.

5. What is the heart and the arrow?

Eight hearts and eight arrows mean that the round loose diamonds can be seen in the special viewing mirror, and eight arrows can be seen on the front side, while the reverse side will have eight heart shapes. As the name suggests, Heart&Arrow is referred to as H&A or the Eight Hearts and Eight Arrows Cupids.

6. What is H&A? What does 3EX mean?

H&A represents the effect of diamonds with eight hearts and eight arrows. 3EX stands for the polishing, symmetry and cut of diamonds, which is the top cut in diamonds.

7, H&A eight arrows and eight hearts

Eight arrows and eight hearts are united, and the eight beautiful artistic conceptions such as "邂逅, love, suggestion, dream system, first kiss, lingering, tacit understanding, and mountain alliance" are used.

8. Is it better to have diamonds with eight hearts and eight arrows?

The heart and the eight arrows only represent the degree of symmetry. In the symmetry, this parameter is above VG, and there are eight hearts and eight arrows. However, the diamonds cut into EX will definitely have a heart and eight arrows effect, which means that a good cut must be There will be eight hearts and eight arrows, and the good and bad diamonds can not be measured by the heart and the arrow.

9. Why is there a lack of fire in the heart?

Hearts and arrows only refer to the symmetry of diamonds. It is not very good to represent CUT. The fire of diamonds mainly depends on cutting, so we must look at other cutting indicators.

10. Is there a big diamond with no big diamonds?

Not necessarily, the fire of a diamond is to see the cut, of course, the greater the value of the diamond, the higher.

11. Is it bad to cut VG diamonds?

GIA diamond cuts are divided into five grades, EX, VG, G, F, and P. The cut diamonds of VG are very good diamonds.

12. What are the shapes of shaped diamonds?

Generally, the shaped diamond has a heart shape, an elliptical shape, a marquise shape, a teardrop shape, an emerald shape, a princess square shape, a rectangular shape, a triangle shape, and the like.

13, the fluorescence in the diamond

(1) The fluorescent Fluorescence index refers to the intensity of colored light such as blue light or yellow light that a diamond emits under intense ultraviolet light. That is to say, under natural light, it is not felt unless there is a strong fluorescent diamond in the summer sun with strong ultraviolet rays, and the naked eye feels the presence of fluorescence. Except for this case, fluorescence has no effect on wearing.

(2) Not all diamonds have fluorescence, but it is true that most diamonds have a little fluorescence. Internationally, diamonds are required to be written with fluorescent indicators. There is no special label on the domestic certificate.

(3) Fluorescence is not all blue, and the fluorescence of diamonds is blue, yellow, orange, pink, and so on.

(4) Although fluorescence is a natural indicator, it does not affect the value of diamonds. The value of a diamond depends only on 4C, which is color, clarity, size and cut. Other indicators are for reference only. The choice of fluorescence can be said that when 4C meets the selection conditions, it can be ignored. The presence or absence of fluorescence or strong fluorescence depends on the individual's preference and does not affect the value of the diamond. The world's famous blue diamond - Hope is a diamond with strong fluorescence (StrongBlue).

(5) The principle of fluorescence is that under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, due to the impurity containing nitrogen atoms, the ultraviolet energy is absorbed by it and immediately re-emitted at a lower energy level or a longer wavelength. We see lower energy. Fluorescence is blue fluorescence, it is not radioactive, no radiation, and will have no effect on health.

(6) A blue-fluorescent diamond will appear whiter at the same color level as a non-fluorescent diamond. The blue light will be more intense when it is fired, but it depends on the size of the diamond and the fluorescence intensity. When the international certificate opens the color of the diamond, it is necessary to deduct some blue fluorescent whitening scores, that is, if both diamonds are F-color and one has the fluorescence of StrongBlue, they are all certificates of the same international institution, very The big possibility is that the original color of the diamond with fluorescence is higher than the other one without fluorescence. But the yellow fluorescence is just the opposite.

14. Does fluorescence have any effect on the value and aesthetics of diamonds?

Fluorescence is only an auxiliary parameter, which has little effect on the value and aesthetics of diamonds.

15. Where is the origin of your diamonds? Is it often said that South Africa drills?

You are talking about rough diamonds. In fact, the original origin of diamonds is not known. Now South Africa’s diamond mines have been exhausted. The reason why South Africa is famous is because South Africa has produced several large diamonds, such as the "Star of South Africa". At present, the main producing countries are Australia and Russia. 70% of the world's diamond embryos are controlled by DTC, so the origin of hairy embryos is difficult to define. DTC will distribute the embryos to several world's largest cutters, with the most cutting process in Belgium and Israel. it is good.

16, the price of two stones is similar, the weight difference is 0.05 to 0.1CT, but the cut and cleanness of heavy stones are one level lower. Which one is better?

See what you need, if you want to choose the small one, if you want a stronger visual effect, choose the big one, after all, the gap of 5 to 10 points is still easy to see.

17. Why are there a number of diamonds in a carat?

For more than one carat, in order to maintain its perfection, no laser number will be used unless specifically requested. However, there is a large certificate icon, and the diamond can also be identified.

18, when the diamond ring is not worn for a long time, how to deal with Ah?

The diamond can be placed in a jewelry box or wrapped in a soft handkerchief. Do not put it in a plastic box to avoid rubbing it with other accessories.

19. After the diamond has been worn for a while, the fire color is not as good as before. What should I do?

You can choose to come to our store for free cleaning and maintenance, or clean it at home. The method is very simple: after soaking the diamond ornament with the warm water detergent solution, then rinse it with water, and finally wipe it with a cloth dampened with a cloth or a cloth that wipes the eyes.

20. I heard that diamonds larger than one carat are generally not laser-numbered. How do you prove that this diamond is still inlaid?

There is a diamond 瑕疵 logo on the GIA certificate, which is the only one corresponding to the diamond. If you don't look at it, you can go to the domestic testing agency for a re-examination, and let the professionals help you see the 标识 logo.

21, is it 1 carat to protect the value?

For us, diamonds of any size are preserved, and whether the diamonds are valued depends on the purchase price of the diamonds.

22, 18K or PT is good?

18K and PT are two materials, 18K gold contains 75% gold, so it still has the characteristics of strong gold ductility, easy to shape into various shapes. And because of the fusion of 25% of other metals, the hardness is greatly enhanced, not like the gold is easy to deform or scratch. PT is platinum, PT900 contains 90% of platinum, PT950 contains 95% of platinum, PT900 is strong, suitable for doing Inlaid, PT950 material is softer for jewellery.

23, why does 18k change color?

18k refers to gold jewelry with a gold content of 75%, and the other 25% is other precious metals. The color of the metal depends mainly on the ratio of 25% of other metals. Generally light yellowish white, in order to make the jewelry beautiful and durable, it is often plated on the outer surface of the jewelry. We saw that their bright white appearance was actually a coating. Some behaviors in everyday life can cause coating wear. For example, when doing housework, bathing, applying cosmetics, or rubbing with other hard objects, there will be varying degrees of wear and tear. After the coating is worn, the true color of the metal will be exposed, and a faint yellow-white color will appear. This is a normal phenomenon. As long as it is a product that has passed the quality inspection by the quality inspection center, the jewelry content should be no problem. Many consumers don't know this when they wear jewelry, and they mistakenly believe that the quality of jewelry is a problem. In fact, you don't have to worry about it. After this problem occurs, you can go directly to the relevant professional jewelry organization to do some maintenance, and then re-clean the plating.

24, 18K gold and PT which one is more rigid?

18K relatively pure platinum or PT900 is relatively hard, because 18K contains only 75% pure gold, and the remaining 25% is other precious metals, so it is very suitable for inlaid jewelry. In addition, 18K has a lower melting point than PT, which can more flexibly shape different shapes and styles. Diamond ornaments.

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