How to identify good and second jade, do you make it?

Bean seed jade is a kind of jade, the name is very image, mostly short column, arranged like beans, can be seen only by the naked eye. Bean seed jade is very common, rough appearance, gloss and transparency, belonging to the middle and low grade jade.


In this case, how do we choose the bean variety jade?

Bean species jade purchase value

Although the bean variety jadeite is medium to low grade, it still stands in the jade market because people like it. Although its color can not be compared with the rich high-end jade, but also bright and bright, dotted with jade, cater to the aesthetics of consumers.

Not only that, but its price is relatively popular with civilians, and it is also accepted by consumers. Consumers who often cannot afford the price of the best or high-grade jade will choose the next type of jade.


How to choose bean variety jade

(1) look at the color

First of all, the color should be pure and rich, and the impurities should be checked with a spotlight flashlight. Of course, the less impurities, the better. Often the value of emerald green is higher, followed by red and purple.

(2) Observing transparency

This is a common method for testing jadeite. Observing transparency under strong light, and high transparency is better.

(3) Listening to the sound

It is better to have a crisp and sweet sound.

(4) Observing green and stone flowers

Looking at the light, the less mineral particles and agglomerated white flowers in the jade, the better.

(5) Look at cracks and dark spots

Cracks may be found in the original ore, or they may be processed, so the cracks are less good, and the black spots are considered to be impurities.

(6) Look at the processing level

The surface is smooth, polished and in good shape.

The right medicine can pick the treasure

Different methods of purchasing different goods will often achieve twice the result with half the effort. However, these methods are simple and common manual tests. If you want to get accurate results, it is recommended to go to a professional appraisal unit.

●C goods jade

Looking at the distribution of jade color in the light, if the color is unnatural along the crack, it looks like a capillary, and can't find the color root of the color. The color is not aura, it must be artificially dyed.

●B goods jade

Turning the jade along the light, you can see that there are many pits and pitting on the surface of the B. Due to the injection, the surface emits a waxy luster.

●A goods jade

A jade bracelet of A goods, gently tapped with other jade or coins, the sound is crisp and sweet, if the B goods jade, the sound is dull and hoarse.

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