Tunnu DUNNU2015 autumn new women's fashion color: put it on the achievements of the atmosphere elegant fan

Dark green is a very elegant color, full of vitality. Just like a simple aristocrat, with the elegant and fragrant from the garden, it is like a sly Queen of Elven, with calm and full of wisdom, calm and lively. This short-tailed wool coat “Olive” Olivia recommended by Xiaobian this week is definitely the only way for elegant women.

This wool short-necked trench coat has a classic suit profile. It is an indispensable fashion classic 100 years ago or 100 years later! The gentle curves, simple but not monotonous, are full of infinite sense of design, low-key vintage mature dark green, allowing you to easily wear elegant intellectual temperament.

This wool short-necked trench coat adopts high-temperature shrink wool process, high-density wool feel brings thermal insulation function, and also creates a soft front molding design line. The overall jacket uses a tailored streamlined version of the tailoring, not only allows you to work in the workplace Successfully demonstrated the advantages of gentle women, but also can easily demonstrate your charming charm in casual occasions!

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