Like the Jinxin Jewelry Matching Competition


Bosses who have experienced the sales boom and profitability of the jewelry industry in the past year have experienced a more sluggish sales situation this year than last year. When I met, they used to be mad, but now they are often frowning, and the sigh of consumption under the downward pressure of the economy has brought chills to the jewelry industry.

Is it really weak consumption? On the weekends, I went to Haidilao Hot Pot and went to the Huayuchuan Hotel to eat. I saw the lively scenes of people and people outside the door. Three hot pots were eaten, enough to buy a gold necklace. After 70 or 80 friends, I went to Dubai and traveled to Europe. Many women returned to the neck with more glamorous Cartier, Tiffany's rose gold, platinum, and diamond necklace. In them, it seems that they have not seen a slight decline in spending power.

What is the root cause of the lack of jewellery consumption?

Secondly, the value-preserving function of gold jewelry, which accounts for the vast majority of the jewelry industry, has declined. Under the influence of traditional consumption concepts, consumers often look at the preservation of gold jewelry. And all the way down the price of gold, the function of the value of gold jewelry to smash, the consumer is naturally embarrassed.

In addition, we have not yet formed a good atmosphere for the popular jewellery appreciation purchase. A detailed look at the big gold jewellery that my friends brought back from abroad will reveal that no one is 24K gold. The 18K or even 14K gold jewelry formed by the addition of various minerals has a more beautiful design and a more beautiful color after the hardness is improved. I believe that every consumer who buys it will not consider the original gold price after it is converted into a full gold.

A few days ago, Jinxin Jewelry, a famous channel jewelry operator in our province, held the Jinxin Jewelry Group Jewelry Matching Competition. The well-known expert Mu Qiang and well-known brand positioning expert Zhang Jie led the judges to express their feelings to the audience: consumers do not lack the purchasing power of jewelry. In the future, the jewelry industry should not only emphasize the beauty of the style, but also highlight the beauty of jewelry and clothing. Many customers who watched the scene saw the salespersons of Jinxin Jewelry teamed up with a group of elegant and noble jewellery, and immediately became willing to buy.

Jewelry operators represented by Jinxin Jewelry can see the necessity and urgency of the promotion of the industry, and put into action and hard work. Working hard on the professionalization and skill training of sales personnel is a commendable thing in itself. Through the efforts of the terminal sales staff, customers can wear confidence and wear pride in the choice of jewelry accessories, which not only enhances sales, but also earns a reputation.

Two years have passed, and the facts have long proved that the time when the boss of the jewelry industry can make big money sitting and playing cards all day long has passed, and it will never come back in the next few years. Jinxin Jewelry's efforts and attempts to guide consumption are the basic qualities that every mature jewelry brand should have. Therefore, we would like to praise the Jinxin Jewelry Jewelry Match Competition.

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