Hetian jade - a love token that has been circulating for thousands of years


In ancient times, in addition to representing good wishes, Hetian jade is also a token of love between men and women.

Nowadays, in order to follow the pace of fashion, more and more Hetian jade jewelers have painstakingly designed novel wedding jewellery, and Hetian jade has begun to take the fashion trend.

The beauty of Chinese traditional Hetian jade culture is often reflected in the metaphor of metaphor and the use of reference.

These allegations are unacceptable to any Western-style jewelry.


The way in which Chinese people express their feelings is relatively concealed, but the artistic nature of conveying emotions is also endless.

In addition, the grade of the tokens also varies with the stage of emotional development. If there is a special meaning, or there is a tendency to become a husband and wife, then the grade of the token is not the same.


For example, Hetian jade, which the man gave to the family to inherit, is an affirmation of the identity of the woman. Hetian jade is very spiritual, giving it to his daughter as a dowry, just like carrying the mother's beautiful blessings.

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