Amber identification and conservation knowledge


Amber identification method

(1) Eyes: The true amber gives a soft, warm impression and a luster; many synthetic products are heavy and cold to the touch. Amber must undergo some process to make it imperfect in the formation of a flaw, such as with bubbles, debris, cracks. If each of the beads of an amber necklace is very similar and transparent, or if the insects contained in the amber are finished, it is suspicious. There are usually beautiful lotus leaf scales in amber, which have different feelings from different angles. The transparency of fake amber is generally not high, and the scales emit dead light. The observation from different angles is almost the same, lacking the aura of amber. The scales and patterns of fake amber are mostly injected, so most of them are the same. The most common one in the market is red scales.

(B) feel: amber is a neutral gem, generally not too cold and overheated. The imitation of glass will have a colder feeling.

(3) Ultraviolet radiation: Put amber under the detector, it will have fluorescence, light green, green, blue, white and so on. Plastic fake amber does not change color.

(4) Rubbing with static electricity: After amber is rubbed on clothes, it can attract small pieces of paper.

Amber maintenance method

1. Amber jewelry is afraid of high temperature. Do not leave it in the sun or the stove for a long time. It is too dry and cracks. Try to avoid the temperature difference that is strongly dialed.

2. Try not to contact alcohol, gasoline, kerosene and organic solutions such as nail polish, perfume, hair gel and insecticide containing alcohol. Remove the amber jewellery when spraying perfume or hair spray.

3. Amber has a low hardness and is afraid of wrestling and bumping. It should be stored separately. Do not put it together with diamonds, other sharp or hard jewelry. Friction with hard objects can cause rough surfaces and fine marks.

4. Do not clean the amber with a hard object such as a brush or a toothbrush. When amber is stained with dust and sweat, it can be soaked in warm water with a neutral detergent, rinsed with a handkerchief, then wiped with a soft cloth (such as glasses cloth), and finally a small amount of water Lightly wipe the amber surface with olive oil or tea oil, and then use a cloth to remove excess oil to restore luster.

5. Of course, the best maintenance is long-term wear, body oil can make the amber more bright.

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