Hautefair Women "Beauty is my responsibility"

Water is the source of life, rushing to the sea is the wish of water; the sea is the home and harbor of water. Water, the most beautiful woman, water, women have the mind and Smart sea. As a woman, we are like water. We have the duty to make ourselves more beautiful. As an Ophthalmner , we are as generous as the sea, and we have the duty to make women more beautiful.


[OUTFEEL Otellier] brand, inspired by the sea, with the belief that "beauty is my responsibility" of the Otefels people, and the cultural spirit of "broadness, inclusiveness and exploration" Fashion and other fashion elements into one. With the company for many years with major European and American brands of experience in cooperation, continue to learn from Europe and the United States design style, the modern high-level women's casual fashion taste and the essence of clothing culture organic combination of young and trendy women to provide a free expression of personality without any constraints Fashion and accessories series.


OUTFEEL design team is a young international creative team, with unlimited creativity from the streets from nature, especially the sea and international fashion show to get instant inspiration, the sea "broad, inclusive, exploration," the spirit of culture and fashion, Leisure, fashion and other elements of integration. After the continuous research and restructuring of fabrics, colors, textures and details, the casual and casual clothes OUTFEEL always faces the future and gives the modern and youthful clothing series with fresh and free feeling.


Description of Slub Denim

Material: 100% cotton slub Denim

Water wash: enzyme wash + albefaction

Additional Information

Types: various style and thickness

Suitable for men, women and children's wear
Colors: blue indigo, deep blue and black

Target Market(s): North America, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Hong Kong/ Macao/ Taiwan, Western & Southern Europe, Northern Europe

Slub Denim

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