Brilliant BRIOLETTE women's spring and summer 2012 new products listed

Wonderful Bride BRIOLETTE women's spring and summer 2012 new listing! BRIOLETTE was named after a disruptive diamond cutting technique. Diamond is noble and long-lasting, but the beauty and value of the diamond is totally determined by how the craftsman cut it. BRIOLETTE cutting technique is different from the traditional cutting-edge diamond cutting in three dimensions, making full use of each angle of the diamond Into the shape of a drop of water, the dazzling form of the perfect light, so in the seventeenth century after the introduction of Europe, immediately shocked the entire jewelry industry as well as gentleman ladies of the upper class. Originally born in France, BRIOLETTE fashion brand is driven by the concept of this artistry. It incorporates innovation and pursuit of perfection into the design. Through three-dimensional design and three-dimensional tailoring, each link of elaborately carved garment fully shows the different levels and angles of women Beautiful, so that every woman wearing BRIOLETTE fashion are like diamonds, from any angle are dazzling, radiant.





Brilliant BRIOLETTE women's clothing spring and summer 2012 new products

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