JUMEL RMAA: never arrogant dazzling, nor shallow laissez faire

Fashion is never short of follow-up. Modern women seek spiritual approval with free and independent character, young and beautiful women, long for new culture and new life. They are passionate, energetic, enjoy free and eclectic lifestyle, fashion and fashion methodical filter, with the most reflect their own way of life, perform different self, and in every corner of life looking for change in happiness! Rema, with a calm and calm mind, imagines that life is fair, the dream is not far away, never arrogantly dazzling, nor shallow indulgence, and every step is steadfast toward the dream.

芮玛 - JUMEL

JUMEL RMAA: never arrogant dazzling, nor shallow laissez faire

JUMEL Rui Ma adhering to the elegant, stylish, and perfect quality of modern urban style, with restrained and peaceful design to express persistent personality, elegant atmosphere all the way from Shenzhen to Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai ... ... has always been in the urbanization of a slightly traditional, Sensitive but not too strong, respect for the traditional while showing some interesting image.


JUMEL RMAA: never arrogant dazzling, nor shallow laissez faire

JUMEL Ruimai pursuit of independence and elegance, for a positive, simple and comfortable life design. Rational use of popular, individuality, the classic elements, forming JUMEL unique style of Ruima; gorgeous and restrained, practical and confident. JUMEL Ruima elegant, inadvertently expressed a kind of understanding of life; implicit rather than assertive, simple but contains elegant; unique with insistence.

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