Happy Valentine's Day to my family, "love Van children" to write a love poem!

My child, who was fortunate to be your parents in his lifetime, has been born from birth to independence. You have grown up and want to pursue your own "van." But there is something in my heart to say to you: love yourself, this The world can spend the rest of your life with you, so always have the courage to face all the difficulties at any time. Take good care of yourself. Health and happiness are the trappings of your life. Love others, in this world, in addition to themselves, but also relatives, friends, of course, there are enemies. No matter what time have cherished a compassionate heart. Thanksgiving, elegant people will favor you! Love, lofty will follow you! Save others, the truth will return you! The real "Fan children" from the heart of love!

Tassel Earrings

The tassel Earrings are fashion and Retro. Not only in the field of fashion, tassel Earrings have a pivotal position in the jewelry industry. The tassel earrings always designed in long size, take with some stone, rhinestones, pearls together, then make the tassel earring more fashion and popular.
We need to pay more attention to wearing the tassel earrings, for example, when you wear one resplendent tassel earrings for the meeting, you should wear one simple dress, and the best way without Necklace.

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