How to choose gold jewelry recycling

There are idle gold jewelry, gold bars, etc. at home, and financial experts give you a few tips:


First of all, you can look at the current market trend of gold prices. See if it is falling or rising. It is the gold price comparison when you buy, to see if you are profitable or losing money now. This way you can choose to cash out or leave to continue to store.

Secondly, if you need funds to turn around now, you want to cash out the gold on your hand, so you need to understand the price of gold and see what the price is reasonable. The price of gold jewelry recycling is about that price fluctuation.

Once again, choose a formal gold jewelry recycling company, some small businesses set the recycling price high, don't think that you earned it, thinking that they will deduct your wear and tear costs, etc., so the price is higher than the weight It’s not worth it. So you must choose a regular recycling company to trade, they generally do not charge you the wear and tear costs, but also directly according to the weight of your invoice directly recovered, and the price they recycle is also based on the reference price.

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