How to distinguish between tempered glass and ordinary glass?

Nowadays, there are more and more home improvement materials, and tempered glass is also a common material that is often used in the current decoration process. Can you know the difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass? Let's take a look today.

Since the strength of the tempered glass is relatively high, after the addition is broken, the fragments are broken into uniform small particles and there is no common glass blade-like sharp angle, which is called safety glass and is widely used in interior decoration. In the home, the sharp knives and sharp corners of the ordinary glass are easy to cut children or impacters, causing personal injury. After the glass is broken, it becomes a small particle or a knife. This is the main difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass.

However, in engineering inspections, it is unrealistic to use such destructive tests. So how can you know if you are buying tempered glass?

This has to be analyzed from the principle of tempered glass. The tempered glass is obtained by first cutting the ordinary annealed glass into the required size, then heating it to a near softening point, and then performing rapid and uniform cooling. After tempering, the surface of the glass forms a uniform compressive stress, while the inside forms a tensile stress, which greatly improves the performance of the glass. The tensile strength is more than three times that of the latter, and the impact resistance is more than five times that of the latter. The tempered glass basically has the CCC mark.

The difference between ordinary glass and tempered glass, the average price of ordinary glass is about 20 yuan than that of tempered glass. (Batch production, under the premise of large-scale purchase), if consumers buy tempered glass separately, because many glass processing shops do not have production capacity, The price deviation is relatively large.

Usually the size of the glass used in the furniture:

1. The bottom of the coffee table is supported by the whole plate, the surface glass is 5MM thickness, the bottom is supported by small strips, and the glass thickness is 8-10MM thickness.

2. The thickness of the TV cabinet glass, the thickness of the full glass TV cabinet is about 10 mm, and the thickness of the glass on the bottom is about 5 mm.

3. The thickness of the dining table glass is basically above 10 mm thickness. There is not much difference between the appearance of tempered glass and ordinary glass, but it can be well distinguished in the case of damage. The corners of the ordinary glass are sharp after being damaged, and the tempered glass is broken into small particles or mesh. After the tempered glass is damaged, the safety performance is relatively strong, and it is not easy to damage people.

4. Generally glass white glass, other colors such as black glass, tea mirror glass are made of white glass as substrate.

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