Even if street lovers don't wear a couple, it's very good

Ben Wang, February 21, with South Korea's "Heir" and "You From the Stars" hit, South Korea's handsome Obama was once again pushed onto the cusp. Do you fantasize that the other half is as handsome as Korea and Ouba. Look how Seoul street couples wear it. Don't wear a sweater with a sweater on the street.

Stay in the same color, the same sweater style in different white jackets, not to see but look more loving.

The dark blue sweaters of different styles make you look very seductive on the street, with white shirts inside, so you look even more right.

The bright orange style will make you shining on the street for two people, and the degree of love is for the others.

Do not need the same paragraph, the rhythm is also in pairs, jeans are the same hole style, in the waist tied with a plaid shirt, this tide of lovers seen.

The denim jacket style will make you handsome, and the girl wearing a loose denim jacket is very innocent.

The warm color of the earth has always made people look warm and turn your love into the sunshine in the warm winter.

Upper body with orange jacket makes you very eye-catching on the street, boys with earth-colored casual trousers is a sense of calm, the girls' black stockings are very sexy.

At the same time a black let you look at the COOL, wearing the most popular sports shoes together, the dull black can instantly light.

Long coats are very popular this year. The two are better together as the influx of people, girls in the coat with red tenderness, boys with black more masculine. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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