Bare drill and finished drill

The Beijing Jewelry Show brings new diamond jewelry, which is displayed with new technology and incorporates more modern and popular elements. Now we will popularize loose diamonds and finished diamonds for everyone, so that everyone has a certain theoretical basis when selecting diamond rings on the spot.

A loose diamond is a bare diamond, a diamond that has not been processed at all; and a finished diamond is a diamond that has been processed or has been machined.

1. For the same grade of diamonds, the price of loose diamonds is more cost-effective than the price of finished diamonds;

2. The loose diamond may not be directly used, and the finished drill can be directly embedded in other metal materials;

3. The loose diamond is suitable for investment, but it is not suitable for collection. The shape of the loose diamond is generally irregular shape;

4. If you want to customize the ring, it is more cost-effective to buy the finished diamond, and the loose diamond will wear more or less in the process of processing.

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