Moveeasy Women teach you to be smart mature smart woman

Moveeasy design comes from the understanding of the personality, the brand is not just selling clothing, in the moveeasy fashion concept, everyone is unique, is a new interpretation of women's elegant, intellectual, mature and confident style. But the most important thing is to give customers a natural and stylish, self-styled fashion platform.


Famous 彡 a category of high-quality fabrics, profile profile design, the continuation of the popular style elements, with distinctive brand identity, is independent and individuality of the quality of women's pursuit of quality women's life show casual, elegant , Confident, independent stage.

Moveeasy女装 教你做成熟睿智的聪明女人

Moveeasy women, wear can not gorgeous, but will be generous decent; Moveeasy women can not play, but it must be wise, high quality; Moveeasy women, should be mature, confident, wise, tolerant, atmospheric.

The Bath Series include robe, bathing cap, bath skirt, for women, men and kids. 

The bathrobe, we supply for both Hotel and Home use. Simple or Luxury, it's up to you.

Material: 100% cotton,  bamboo cotton, cotton-ply, microfiber, coral velvet or other customized material. 

Plush, soft, comfortable, enjoy your bath everyday with our bath products.

Lots of Designs available, customize designs and logos acceptable. Jacquard, Embossed, Embroidery, Plain... Whatever you need, check with us and you will get it.

OEM orders welcomed. Direct factory, you will definitely have the competitive price from us. 

Robe for Hotel

Baby Bathrobes

Microfiber Bath SkirtPlush Bathing CapMicrofiber Dryhair cap

Bath Series

Cotton Bathrobes,Cotton Bathrobe,Women'S Bathrobe,Microfiber Bathrobe

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